Advantages of grain bags

The harvest will not be delayed waiting for storage to become available on farm or elsewhere.

The grain bag can be put in the field where harvesting is taking place or anywhere on the farm.

Grains can be stored based on their variety, grade, protein, moisture or for any other reason.

Bag cost of 7 cents per bushel of stored grain.

The high price of freight during harvest can be avoided by negotiating a freight rate on a back load or by shopping around for after harvest rates.

Grain can be freighted after harvest, freeing up time during harvest.

Quality assurance control.

The opportunity to grow, store and market niche crops on farm.

Grains retain their quality, including color.

Gives the producer control and time to market the crop.

Helps avoid hasty decisions on pricing your commodities at harvest when pricing can be complicated and can cost you money.

Marketing your commodity knowing that you have the crop in the bag rather than before harvest, hoping you can achieve the bushels to fill contracts.

Storage in a bumper season is unlimited.

The grain bags are sealed airtight, therefore chemicals are not required. No withholding period.

Perfect for organic commodities.

Reduce reliance on chemicals helping to delay resistance.

Eliminated costly on farm storage systems, tying up capital.

Flexibility at all times from harvest to marketing and feeding commodity.