What is a grain bag?

A grain bag is simply a long PE (polyethylene) bag that comes in sizes of:

  • 9 ft. x 200 ft. with a capacity of around 8,200 bushels of wheat or 8,000 bushel of corn. (empty bag weight is 270 lbs.)
  • 9 ft. x 250 ft. with a capacity of around 10,260 bushels of wheat or 10,000 bushels of corn. (empty bag weight is 335 lbs.)

The bag is sealed airtight with a life of 1 to 1.5 years in the open, preventing the development and reproduction of fungus and insect. This airtight environment can eliminate the need for chemicals with an average bag cost of 7 cents per bushel of stored grain. These unique Grain Bags allow for storage amounts to vary by simply cutting the bag and resealing it again.

*Amount varies with moisture content, specific weight and bagger pressure settings.