Akron Baggers & Unloaders

Akron 9250 grain bagger features:
Dual hydraulic disc brakes are controlled by a single crank. This simple crank and pressure gauge ensures the bagger to move straight and fill the bag evenly. The self-contained bag loader mechanism prevents climbing on the tunnel to install the bag.

Akron E 180TH bag unloader features:
Able to load out over 7000 bushels per hour. This heavy-duty, roll-up style unloader will even load out fertilizer. The EH 180 empties the bag while rolling up the bag on an on-board, hydraulic powered roller. Lights are standard equipment.

Akron EG 180T bag unloader features:
Can move from field to transport quicker and unloads at 6000 bushels per hour. The 16” auger hydraulically folds down for more compact transporting.